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My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree, seems to me,

a symbol reminding us to see,

why God sent his only son to be

the answer to this life, the only key.

And why on a tree he had to die.

For my sins and yours he had to buy.

To have peace, joy, hope, and love, not lies.

so someday we can meet him in the sky.

the promised babe, come to save mankind.

From lies and hurts that our hearts do bind.

shown under a star wise men had to find

A star led bright, none other out shined.

That's why a star on top of the tree,

To lead men to the Christ child, if they are willing to see,

why he came to this earth, Oh what joy and harmony,

Angels still singing in honor of his majesty.

Singing and worship, all the heavens declare,

Tree's with branches like arms raised praise to share,

Making all the earths troubles become more fare.

Tell all the earth He came because he cares.

Our loved ones gathered all around

Carols and Hymns cheerfully sung aloud.

Praises raised because we are not earth bound,

because once we were lost but now we're found.

God's best gift, his son he gave for man,

To complete his love, his redemption plan.

so when the things get hard we can say "i can"

And believe in his power transferred to man.

Angels singing of what was foretold,

as shepherd's visited, their eyes to behold.

He came to bring us into the fold

And we are to tell others and dare to be bold.

Boughs of protecting wings, keep us from

Life's raging storms to those willing to come.

Reaching out to all, not just for some,

See the manger, hear the call, angels on their harps strum.

With lights all aglow so bright on each pine,

Telling us to always let our light so shine.

A babe wrapped in swaddling clothes was the sign.

Have we forgotten at the table holiday feast to dine?

Lights round and round, connected in a row,

From one to another let the current flow.

Joy and happiness, why this holiday we know,

to sing "Happy Birthday to the King," cake with candles to blow.

Jesus said, Light the world out of darkness hand in hand

Beckoning each heart, family and beyond to every land,

support each other, be strong, make a firm stand.

Shine like the reflections on the tensile, bulbs and garland.\

Each special ornament for life's special meanings,

But none of that would matter but for Christ's redeeming.

All our events important to us seeming,

But not so important as to keep our lights gleaming.

Gift's piled high showing our love for our brothers.

For some this season's commercial and such a bother.

we are so busy, oh what do i get my mother?

But Christ's love we also must have for each other.

The wise men came bearing their best gifts from so far away,

And ours to each other, can we dare say?

Our little ones, their minds just can not sway,

From the gift's under the branches, so anxious to open and play.

Can our best gift fit into pretty wrapped boxes, not to mention.

What about the saviors' gift? Let's start a new tradition!

My gift's to Jesus, no package can hold with pretty decorations

It must be my heart, my life, and to obey the great commission.

Sharing my love, my homage for what he's done for me.

and show men everywhere how they too can be free.

I celebrate the decoration of my CHRISTmas tree,

of Christ's love and how, he, living in us, His spirit can be.

Hallelujah to the King of Kings!!! By Judith Kiesling